The wollen Correspondence




WCK stands for Winsome Constance Kindness, in recognition of the group which started the ball rolling for the project. Since its conceptualization, a lot of other people have already offered their time, money, and effort for the center's realization:

1. A Filipino dog lover has donated a 1,500 sq.m. property (the size is just right for our vision) in Itogon, Benguet, for the location of the WCK Halfway House and Rehab Center.

2. Philip Wollen, an Australian merchant banker and philanthropist, active in animal welfare causes worldwide has already pledged ten percent of the project's construction cost. He is also helping to raise the rest of the funds needed for the center.

3. A local veterinary school and a number of practicing veterinarians are offering their services for free to attend to the medical and surgical needs of the dogs we recover.

3. Concerned citizens have already committed their time to help us in the dog rehabilitation.

The above contributions have significantly forged our project ahead, but still, much is needed for its completion. We are imploring your kind heart to give whatever you can to the project. After all, what the dogs really need is a kind heart and a sincere helping hand.

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above: Site where the WCK Halfway House and Rehabilitation Center will rise. A good environment for the dogs, away from the city’s pollution and human cruelty.

right: Artist's Perspective of the WCK Center





Her Excellency Mrs. Gloria M. Arroyo 
President, Republic of the Philippines 
Malacañang Palace 
JP Laurel Street , San Miguel 
Manila 1005 

Your Excellency,

I write to seek your personal support for one of your citizens whose work has been a beacon around the world. Mr. Freddie Farres is a man deeply committed to the plight of suffering animals, particularly those brutally slaughtered for human consumption.

The cruelty inflicted on these tragic sentient beings is too horrific to be described. Freddie has been a champion in the worldwide movement of ending the cruelty. His organization is Linis Gobyerno.

At present he is in great need of some assistance to erect a shelter to house rescued brutalized animals. I have already paid for the construction of a simple shelter but it is no longer adequate to meet its growing needs. A kind Filipino soul has already donated a land near Baguio City. Veterinary surgeons are volunteering their time and talents to the cause. Caring private citizens are doing what they can to help.

Freddie's budget for the construction is Php 2,300,000. I am prepared to provide the first 10% of the total cost, namely Php 230,000 to assist in completing the project.

May I respectfully ask if your Government can help with the balance? Believe me, it will make a significant difference to the community, the culture and humanity in general.

Had I money to do it all myself, I would have done so already. Sadly, my personal circumstances at this time are poor.

On behalf of all who encounter daily the suffering of the powerless, may I ask you give this request your gracious consideration?


Yours Faithfully,

(an animal lover and philanthropist from Australia)