The Objectives

SEC Registration Number : B200000315, May 5, 2000


To rid (clean) government offices (local, regional, national) of graft and corruption.



1. To identify erring government officials:

a.       whose action and/or inaction may be causing inappropriate and unnecessary  expenditure of taxpayers’ money;

b.      who entered into dubious contract(s) (in behalf of the government agency they  represent) that is/are disadvantageous to the government and to the Filipinos;

c.       who use his/her/their position and influence to gain personal favor;

2. To assist in filing complaints and case(s) against the erring government officials with  the Office of the Ombudsman, the proper courts and/or other quasi-judicial bodies for proper investigation and prosecution.

3. To provide free counseling and legal assistance to prospective complainants, to those with intentions to file the necessary complaint/charge at the proper concerned agency of the government.

4. To monitor, attend, and/or assist in court/legal hearings and trials, production of legal briefs, affidavits, and other legal documents relative to the case(s) filed and see to it that all legal requirements are attended to;

8. To coordinate with the concerned law enforcement agency in providing security and/or to provide security and protection to complainants, witnesses, lawyers and those others whose security may be in jeopardy in relation to the case(s) filed.

6. To coordinate with other government and non-government agencies for investigation purposes.

7. To coordinate and  participate  in the government’s development consultation process in consonance with people empowerment.

8. To source funds from individuals and groups who believe in the causes of Linis Gobyerno, Inc.