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The Officers

Farres, Freddie  y  Javier

Freddie is the President and Executive Director of Linis Gobyerno, no political affiliations (ever since), a consistent businessman/ entrepreneur exposed to all walks of life, who is fed up and tired with the prevailing system  of systemic Graft and Corrupt practices in Government.

Freddie took up business courses but is a graduate of Criminology with units in Business Management at the UP College Baguio. He was born and raised in Manila but has made Baguio City his permanent residence. He traces his roots at Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan (mother's side) and Negros Oriental (father's side). In  1997 Freddie put up Farco Trimedia Ventures (then, a sole proprietorship) and initially ventured into Radio and Cable TV pre and post production services (audio-video); to date  he is the General Manager of FTV Inc. and  the founding publisher of The Junction Newspaper (a local news paper based in Baguio City, circulating within Baguio, Benguet Province). Freddie avers that the big difference with The Junction newspaper is that it is a non-political paper, hence, it has no strings attached, nor any political debts to  any person or political group. Other than this, The Junction Newspaper has taken the self appointed role of  fizcaliser to various  local and national government offices and the media industry  in general. He is also a columnist of the said paper, and a member of the National Press Club (NPC) & Philippine Press Institute (PPI).

If you wish to get in touch with him, you can call him at his mobile phone at (63917) 5069123 or e-mail him at


Liwanen, Emilio M.

An Incorporator and a Director of Linis Gobyerno, an activist during his younger days, Emilio, a native of Natonin, Mt. Province, has been a leading labor leader in the different  mining firms in the Cordilleras. He, too, has no political affiliations, but is active in non-government  organizations, and is currently the Vice-President for  Internal Affairs of the  Baguio Non-government Organization (BANGO) Multisectoral Council, an organization that oversees and monitors NGOs in Baguio City.

For his elementary and secondary education, Emilio went to Natonin Elementary School and Immaculate Heart High School, both in Natonin, Mt. Province, and to Far Eastern University (FEU) Manila for his degree in Associate in Arts.

Emilio is also a  columnist of  The Junction newspaper, and a candid and outspoken civic leader.

Acoba-Ver, Jackie y Eder

An  Incorporator and a Director of Linis Gobyerno, Jackie, the most sociable in the group, a friend to everybody, is active in quite a number of non-government organizations in Baguio City, notably among which are: the SERVAS International (she is the Philippine contact/coordinator); BANGO (Baguio NGO Multi-sectoral Council, Inc.); Girl Scouts of the Philippines; Young Womenís Christianís Assoc.;  Soroptomist International of Pines City; Lionís;  Brotherhood of Christian Business and Professionals (BCBP); Young Ladies Assoc. of Charity (YLAC); Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Womenís Assoc. (P-PSEAWA); Phil. Women in Network (PHILWIN); PMA Host Parents;  National Real Estate Association (NREA); GUMIL Baguio Benguet (Gunglo Dagiti Mannurat nga Ilokano); Ilocos Nortenians Baguio Chapter; and Baguio Arts Guild.

A pure Ilocana who hails from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, she has made Baguio her permanent home. She is a teacher (a graduate of Ilocos Norte Normal School, now DMMMSU- Laoag City), but has stopped teaching, and a writer, being a member of the GUMIL and a contributor to The Junction Newspaper.  She is at present the President of Young Womenís Christian Association (YWCA) Baguio-Benguet Chapter.


Tayengco, Thomas y Sydeco


Incorporator, Director and Head Legal Adviser of Linis Gobyerno, a practicing prominent litigant lawyer (a maverick to some), would not hesitate to offer his services on pro bono  for worthy causes,  Atty. Tayengco, or Ka Tom, as he is fondly called by his church-mates, is among our top lawyers in Baguio City. He took up his primary and secondary education at the St. Clementís College, Iloilo City,  and obtained his law degree at the Ateneo de Manila College of Law.

Atty. Tayengco  is an Ilonggo (from Iloilo City, Philippines), but  at present has been a long standing resident of  Baguio City. He is a religious person. He is also the legal counsel of NREA (National Real Estate Association) Baguio City Chapter, BANGO (Baguio NGO Multisectoral Council), and many other business enterprises and individuals.

He only knows to teach what is right. Anything wrong, he abhors.


Luis, Connie y Hernando

*on indefinite leave

An Incorporator and Director of Linis Gobyerno, also a lawyer, Connie obtained her degree in law at Northwestern University, Laoag City. She has been a practicing corporate lawyer. She is the past President of PAREB (Philippine Association of Realtorís Boards), Baguio City Chapter. To date, she is the National Vice President of the USAFIP-NL Veterans and Heirs Foundation, Inc.  and the Chairman for  the Northern Luzon of Daringayos Fund Campaign

A fighter, Connie was once the President of the Sons and Daughters Baguio City Chapter (an organization of the heirs of World War II veterans), where she had been fighting for the rights of our WW II nationís heroes, and their heirs. Through her initiative, a building, and a cooperative for the group was put up. A school for the membersí small children is now also operational.

A workaholic, Connie is single by choice. Despite her very hectic schedule brought about by her numerous socio-civic affiliations, Connie is all over Ė one day she is in Baguio, the next day she is  somewhere else. She is one of those who has omitted the word ďrestĒ in her vocabulary.

Connie, being a long time resident of La Trinidad, Benguet and Baguio City, Philippines, is also an Ilocana from the province of Ilocos Norte, Philippines (though she traces her roots from the Bago Tribe of the Ilocos).


Dawang, Bing y Afed


Incorporator, Director and Treasurer of Linis Gobyerno, Bing is an Igorota, and the youngest (although not so young) in the group,  a nurse by profession and turned journalist, she is editor of The Junction newspaper.

Though a bit inexperienced in real-life situations (compared to the rest of the group), she is familiar with the Filipinoís  poverty situation having been immersed  in some of the most depressed squatter areas in the National Capital Region, Manila, Philippines  during her college days. Her being a journalist exposed her to the other evils of society. She attributes poverty (as presently being experienced  by  majority of the Filipinos) to graft and corruption.

She is a graduate of the Philippine Womenís University (PWU) Quezon City Campus with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She took her Elementary education at Kayan Elementary School, and her Secondary Education at Holy Rosary High School (both located at Kayan, Tadian, Mt. Province, Philippines). She also had taken several units in Masters in Management Major in Business Management at the University of the Philippines, College Baguio.

Bing is also a member of the National Press Club (NPC) and the Philippine Press Institute (PPI).

If you want to get in touch with her, you can reach her at Mobile Number 0921-6864597 or send an
e-mail at
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